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Chae Choi, CPA's outstanding reputation for client service is earned over a decade of having successful relationship with leading businesses in the community it serves. Chae Choi, CPA is now known as the Korean American CPA firm which has Firm Permit to Practice in Hawaii . Our services, however, are not geographically limited to Hawaii. We are rendering services in many other states across the continent of the United States, providing a wide range of professional services in accounting, auditing, tax, management consulting, and more. Crossing over international boundaries, we also service clients in Korea and Japan. As such, Chae Choi, CPA is one of the most experienced minority-owned accounting firms in the Hawaii business community.

The firm's clients range from tiny mom and pop retail stores to large established corporations and not-for-profit entities. These clients represent a wide spectrum of industries including, but not limited to, international trading, and financial institutions. With its nearly a decade of successful service relationship with businesses, Chae Choi, CPA has reputation as a fine firm capable of handling large scale assignments in such highly specialized areas. Especially of note is the firm's experience and expertise in the business valuation industry. The firm also holds an impressive service record in the not-for-profit accounting area.

In recent years, Chae Choi, adopted changes in its service structure and methodology. As a result, the firm has attained a solid growth, and overcome the difficulties posed by the rapidly changing business climate, increasing competition, ever stiffening tenets of professional independence and ethical standards, and increasing demand for higher quality. This growth is attributable to the firm's determined efforts to maintain high performance standards, ongoing training programs, and quality control procedures.


Mission Statement



At Chae Choi, CPA, we specialize in many different kinds of businesses. But, the area we specialize in most applies to all of them, Personal Service, the kind of personal service we are dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients - no matter what their size or business is. This business philosophy has earned us unparalleled reputation in the business community the firm serves. From our long experience, we have come to recognize that no two businesses are alike. What may work for one company may not work for another. Our people also are aware of the realities of operating businesses in today's sophisticated marketplace, with technology driven systems, and an ever-changing regulatory environment. In such a complex climate we recognize that every client must have, and is entitled to, services of the highest order. We are determined to provide this level of service and this dedication is instilled in every member of Chae Choi, CPA firm. Personalized service means our relationship with clients is a year-around service, not just at tax time. Our people endeavor to become familiar with client's people and all areas of concern in their business. We constantly maintain the clear and consistent lines of communication with our clients, and are always available to provide fresh, objective insights and strategies wherever and whenever requested. Our service approach is structured to fit the client's business environment - not our own. Our services are tailored to cover those areas that most concern each particular client in their particular business environment. This personal service philosophy allows us to develop business solutions and strategies that yield sound, and valuable results. At Chae Choi, CPA, personal service means business success.

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